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Protect your academy and course content!

The security of your content and training portal has been taken very seriously by LearnWise as one of the main needs of an educational portal. We have special tools and facilities to ensure the security of your learning management system, for example we use:
- SSL to protect the online training portal
- SSO to centralize credit approval management
- Tools and facilities for user management, roles and their access level
LearnWise also pays special attention to the security and protection of your training content. That's why it is using a powerful encryption mechanism to protect your content from people who want to extract it.

Shape and strengthen your brand!

LearnWise values your brand and helps you develop it. Most online learning management systems only allow you to change the logo, but LearnWise goes beyond that and gives you more tools and facilities to match your academy with your brand, such as:
- Changing the logo
- Changing the color scheme of your website and application
- Putting the cover on the content and banner on the website and the application
- Add, remove and edit your academy displaying pages like about us, contact us, terms and conditions etc.
- Other features that all aim to grow and value your brand.

Build your own professional and personal online academy faster than ever!

Lernwise is by your side to build your online training management system (LMS) for various popular platforms such as mobile and web in the shortest possible time with the highest quality. LearnWise does his best to make it easier, faster and more cost-effective for you to start your own online academy.

Say goodbye to staggering costs

You don't have to spend a lot of money to build your own online academy when you're just starting out. With LearnWise, you can build your own learning management system with the best facilities and services while you only pay for it as much as you use it!

LearnWise Key Features

These are just a few of the key features of LearnWise that have been developed to help you manage and grow your online academy. Each of these sections has many features and tools, which are summarized here. If you need a complete and comprehensive explanation to see how Leranwise professional team will help your business and online academy.

Don't hesitate to read the full description on LearnWise Features page.

Content management

Content Management in LearnWise is easy but powerful. You can manage, allocate, and track your training content in the form of files, multitasking courses, or classes.

User Management

In addition to the basic functionalities like adding, removing or editing a user’s profile, you can inactive a user’s account or easily set a limit for number of active logins a user can have.

User interaction

LearnWise has worked professionally on features and capabilities that encourage the user to interact with the online learning system as they interact with different social networks to express their thoughts, opinions, questions and ideas related to the training you are delivering.

Payment management

LearnWise is fully integrated with payment gateway so that all transactions are provided in a safe and automated form, as well as tools for viewing payment reports and monitoring payments.


The LearnWise statistic system is designed to help you grow and improve content over the long term by getting an accurate and objective picture of engagement and performance of educational content.

Go fast and don't worry about fuel!

LearnWise's professional team is constantly improving the system performance and services so that your system not only does not face any problems but also has better performance and quality day by day so that you can provide a very good experience for your users. If you need new tools and facilities or if you have a problem developing your business, don't worry at all! LearnWise's experts will help you achieve your goals.

We have answered to your most frequently
asked questions!

I have a website right now. What are the benefits of using this system for me?

In addition to the website, LearnWise also gives you the iOS and Android application of your academy. You can produce your eLearning content as a single unit only once and it will be available to the users on all of the provided platforms. Also, you can easily manage your eLearning content without requiring any technical knowledge. However, if there is any question, tech support specialists are ready to provide assistance and maintenance to you.

Our Team!

Ali Zahedi

Ali Zahedi

CEO Founder

Ali Zahedigol the founder of Aparnik. He has a decade of successful experience in developing backend systems. Ali believes that a powerful, secure, and robust system has a powerful and reliable backend.
His primary focus and inspiration for his studies in software security. "The rules are simple but they construct the basis of the system," he says. In his free time, he likes cycling and enjoys spending time with his family.

Mohammad Babaei

Mohammad Babaei

Front-end Developer

I Am Versatile Front-end Developer with 3+ years of experience designing, developing, and managing SPA and PWA web apps . Specializes in Angular2+ and responsive design.

amir Seifi

Amir Seifi

Front-end Developer

I have a bachelor's degree in software engineering from UMA. I am a front developer who loves programming and learning . I have good experience and skills in both programming and ui/ux . Solving difficult problems is one of the most enjoyable tasks for me

Ali Mohammadzadeh

Ali Mohammadzadeh

Mobile Developer & Application Tester

I have a bachelor's degree in software engineering from FUM. I develop mobile app with flutter and java. I also use C language for microcontroller programming. I always say ‘just laugh and be happy’. Because happiness is more powerful than everything and it improves your spirit in your work.

Amir Ghorbani

Amir Ghorbani

Back-end Developer

Experienced Back End Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry. Skilled in OOP, back-end engineering and microservices. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Computer Software.
Raheleh Shahpasand

Raheleh Shahpasand

Product Owner and Scrum master

I'm Raheleh Shahpasand. I have a Masters' Degree in software engineering from FUM with a focus on software robustness. This experience has helped me develop the research skills necessary for a job in computer science. Also, I've learned how to work cooperatively in a group and how to be intrinsically motivated. I'm currently a mobile developer at LearnWise trying to develop solutions for global e-learning market needs together with my teamates.

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